‘Westworld Season Two: Greetings’ – HBO Super Bowl Big Game Day 2018 Teaser

HBO released their teaser for the Super Bowl LII Big Game day 2018. It features the season two of “WestWorld” which will be premiere on HBO in 2018.

This 25 seconds teaser of the HBO starts with Unknown user was conveying that, “If you can see this message, Please get help” and it turns the System into “Override Initiated” and it loads again as “Journey into Night”.

The Registered User message is “Greetings from Westworld!, Journey into Night Celebrations continues so we may be slow to respond to messages. Please Contact Corporate at Delos Destinations if the matter is Urgent”. Again the system meant to be as, “Profile Generated”.

Charlotte Hale says, “Narrative unveiling Successful,all is well. Ford took it in Stride. Restructure/management downsizing on track. “There ends the commercial of the HBO’s Season two of Westworld. Lets wait and watch the commercial on the Super Bowl Sunday LII on Feb 4,2018.