Super Bowl Tums Commercials

Tums was introduced on 1930 which is an antacid product. It is manufactured by Glaxosmith Kline and its available in retail stores, drug and grocery stores. Jim Howe a pharmacist in the year of 1928 made this tums to treat her wife for the indigestion problem at his home and it cured the problem, so he started to develop it as Lewis-Howe Company. Later on 1978 the company was purchased by Revlon and also later by Beecham Group.

Super Bowl Commercial of tums took part in 2012 big game day and later their Super Bowl Commercial of the year 2017 featuring as Quarter Time show was also aired during the Big game day.

Tums Commercials


2017 Super bowl Tums “Quartertime Show”

This America's #1Antacid that fight heartburn aired on the Super bowl 2017 with #HeartburnAwarness. The Tums came up with the advertisement gaming between 6 youtube stars with two teams #Team Heart and #TeamBurn with...

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