Top 5 Worst Commercials of Super Bowl LI 2017

When the commercial doesn’t make any sense and it forgets to give the message and hit on our mind then definitely the commercial will be in the list of worst commercials of the Super Bowl. So lets check what are those commercials that didn’t satisfy us and made us to criticize the commercial.

1) Yellow Tail :

Yellow tail debuted for the first time in the Super Bowl LI 2017. Somehow they managed their commercial with their logo Kangaroo making parties, fun, beaches and the commercial says that the wine is to breathe the fresh air. Eventhough the commercial i cute with the kangaroo its not to the point. Watch the commercial and enjoy.

2) KFC :

Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial on this Super Bowl LI 2017 was ok type of commercial. Because it didn’t urge us to try their chicken. The two colonels fighting to win the georgia gold big game commercial was the theme of this Super Bowl commercial LI 2017. Checkout this KFC commercial of Super Bowl 2017.

3) Buick :

Buick Super Bowl commercial LI of 2017 was starred by Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr. This commercial came up with big names starring in the advertisement but it was not so attractive. This commercial seems to be funny from the transformation of a kid to Cam Newton but it feels something missing.

4) Bud Light :

Anheuser Busch branded beer company’s Bud light Super Bowl commercial was ok. Their Budweiser commercial was really awesome compared to this Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial LI 2017. Their 80’s fame mascot spuds Mackenzie featured as ghost. The theme was famous among friends and enjoy Bud Light with friends. Watch the ghost spud and feel it.

5) Turbo Tax :

Turbo Tax Super Bowl commercial LI was really funny to watch . The concept of the Humpty Dumpty as Egg admitted in the hospital was super funny but the mess of the egg shell with yellow and white layer was not fine to watch. Somehow it made us to laugh and delivers the message.

These are the top 5 worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2017 and tune for more commercials.