At What Time 2018 Super Bowl LII Starts?

Even though many of us watch Super Bowl every time in the year many of us don’t know at what time the Super Bowl starts. And for also many of the new viewers who is going to watch the game this time i mean Super Bowl LII 2018 they will searching for the Super Bowl timings Kickoff time right.So this post is for you and check out.

National Anthem :

National Anthem singing is the pregame ceremony that happens in the Super Bowl. National Anthem singing is one of the important ceremony and the average time to sing the national anthem is 1:58. LukeBryan sung the national anthem during the Super Bowl 2017.

Kickoff Time :

The Kickoff between the teams of the Super Bowl usually starts by approximately 6:30 PM Eastern Time. The Super Bowl will be played for 3 hours 42 minutes on the total average taking last Super Bowl in the count.

Hope you now know at what time Super Bowl starts and also about the national anthem ceremony.