Terry Reflects – Tide Super Bowl 2018 Teaser Ad 4

Tide’s new teaser for the Super Bowl Commercial LII is here where Terry Bradshaw seems to be meditating. While meditating he is saying to himself and reminding about the Tide Super Bowl Commercial.He insists to his mind that he is the star of the commercial and not the stain.

The meditation of the Terry Bradshaw disturbs the “Stranger Things” actor David Harbour and asks, “Terry what are you doing?” because Harbour was trying to take a nap and terry disturbs it and tells that “You are breaking my concentration”. Bradshaw continues his meditation and starts insisting his mind about “He is the star and not the stain”.

Stay tuned for more updates about the Super Bowl LII Commercials and we have to wait and watch the entire Tide Super Bowl Sunday Commercial which is going to held on Feb 4,2018.