Tangle of Symptoms’ – TRINTELLIX Super Bowl 2018 TV Commercial

TRINTELLIX the Pharmaceutical and Medical company released their 60 second Commercial for the Super Bowl LII 2018.The commercial titled as “Tangle of Symptoms”.

The Commercial is all about the medicine which is prescribed antidepressant.The Commercial starts by saying,”Depression is the Tangle of Symptoms,that can make you Sad,Loss of Interest,Feel Tired,Indecisiveness,Difficulty Concentrating”.

Thus Trintellix is the prescribed medicine for Depression and it can help you to move forward and take steps.So before taking the medicine tell your physician about all your conditions like migraine and other depression medication to avoid the life threatening Conditions.So the commercial of TRINTELLIX ends saying”Its time for Change”.Lets check out the full Commercial on the Super Sunday LII,Big game day spot on Feb 4,2018.