‘Super Commercial’ by NBC – The Voice Super Bowl 2018 Pre-Release

NBC released one minute Commercial named as “The Voice” for the Super Bowl LII 2018. This Commercial idea is to announce the 14 season of “The Voice” for NBC.The Commercial starred by the judges of “The Voice” and that are Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson.

The Commercial starts with Blake Shelton singing a song with some puppies and horse and there comes the other judge Adam Levine sitting in a bike with a lemonade, wallet, chain joins the singing.

Another judge from the list Alicia Keys sitting in front of piano and starts singing and invites the children around her and Kelly Clarkson join these judges and she too starts singing. Thus everyone gathers and singing together and the commercial of “The Voice” ends there with the message that the season of “The Voice”will premiere on Feb 26,2018. Let Watch the Commercial during the Super Bowl LII Sunday 2018.