Why is the Super Bowl on a Sunday night?

We all have this question in our mind, Why is the Super Bowl played on a Sunday night? Why not on other days of the week? And What is the Secret behind it? And its officially called as Super Bowl Sunday? Why????…. If you have all this question and then you have to check out this post now.

Super Bowl, annual championship for the National Football League is one of the biggest event and its unofficial national holiday. Super Bowl usually played during last Sunday in January or during first Sunday in February. Somehow during the Sunday night. Why this tradition started on Sunday?? Yup its a interesting fact.

Accordingly Sunday is Sabbath. It is a Divine day. Rewind during Colonial times of 1920s Sunday recreation was one of the important for Americans. Their emerged the sports and events happened during Sundays and pro football played major role during those days. One more reason is Sunday means a holy day for us and they gave importance to sports during that holy divine day.

Earlier workers played the football against the students during Saturday and they cannot compete with them so the idea of introducing the professional came into existence and changed the game to Sunday and that the game was NFL and the crowd to watch the game also increased gradually during 1960s.

Because of the game played on the divine holy day some considered the game as prayers. Even today in some of the churches they watch the game and say that their is the connection between the prayers and the game. Hence Super Bowl has become the trademark as Super Bowl Sunday.

Some of the other reasons recently you can see are media is the reason to have on Sunday. Yes, According to the media people don’t watch tv on Saturday nights compared to Sunday. For getting more revenue the host community prefer the game to be on Sunday. These are few reasons as of now about the Super Bowl Sunday. Hope now you found the answer for the question about Super Bowl on Sunday..