Super Bowl Halftime Show 2012

Halftime Show of Super Bowl XLVI took part at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis,Indiana on February 5,2012.The show was headlined by Madonna.The special guests performers are LMFAO,Nicki Minaj,M.I.A and CeeLo Green.

Preparation of Halftime Show :

During the year of 1998 and 2000 Madonna was approached for performing the halftime show but both the time it was cancelled,due to some conflict with schedules.On December 2011 it was confirmed that Madonna will be performing the halftime show of Super Bowl XLVIof 2012.

On January 2012 rehearsals started for the halftime show.Guest performers of the halftime show also had their rehearsals with Madonna and Minaj confirmed her performance by tweeting on her page.

The Wardrobe preparation was also made to avoid malfunction and the theme was Roman Empire with gladiator influences.The first costume was black with gold colored and she also wored long sleeve black gown for her last performance.

For the stage setup nearly 1500 members worked to setup the stage in that over 70 percent of them are volunteers.

Halftime Show Performance :

The halftime show began with the gladiators pulling the large gold colored flags.Madonna started with “Vogue” and then Slackening performer Andy Lewis accompanied and danced on tall pedestal.Then Madonna joined with LMFAO and sang “Part Rock Anthem ” and then danced for “Sexy and I Know It”.

Dancers in the uniform joined Madonna for “Give Me All Your Luvin” with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.”Open Your Heart” ,”Express Yourself”,”Like a Prayer” was performed with CeeLo Green with his Marching Band.

This Halftime Show performance was watched by 114 million viewers more than the game itself.