Super Bowl Halftime Show 2004

Controversial Halftime Show of all time was the Halftime Show of the Super Bowl XXXVIII .It took part at the Reliant stadium,Houston,Texas on February 1,2004.

The show was headlined by Jessica Simpson,Ocean of Soul,Spirit of Houston,Janet Jackson,Justin Timberlake,P.Diddy,Kid Rock and Nelly.

Halftime Performance :

The show was sponsored by America Online’s TopSpeed software for dial up internet service and produced by Viacom’s MTV and CBS Sports.

The show started with Jessica Simpson jointly with Ocean of Soul and Spirit of Houston started performing and secondly Janet Jackson appeared on the stage and sang “All for You” and then so of the hits were performed by P.Diddy Nelly and Kid Rock.

Thenafter Janet Jackson sang “Rhythm Nation” and Justin Timberlake with Janet Jackson together paired for the duet “Rock Your Body”.At the end of the duet and when this line came up “I’m gonna have you naked by the end of this song”,Timberlake pulled off a part of Jackson’s costume.Due to this Jackson’s outer right breast nipple was revealed.

This became more controversial of all time halftime show and this was most rematched moment in TiVo history.Later it was announced that it was “Wardrobe Malfunction”.