Super Bowl Halftime Show 2002

Halftime show of the Super Bowl XXXVI took part on February 3,2002 at Louisiana Superdome,New Orleans,Louisiana.The show was headlined by U2 ,the Irish rock band.

Halftime Performance :

Janet Jackson was discussed for performing the halftime show of the super bowl XXXVI.Later making the tribute to the September 11 U2 was selected to perform for the Halftime Show.

U2,the Irish rock band came up with three songs and started with “Beautiful Day” and the band played “MLK” and “Where the Streets Have No Name”.

As tribute to September 11 the band changed the lines from “Where the Streets Have No Name” .The replaced lyrics are “take shelter from the poison rain” with “dance in the Louisiana rain” and then”high on a desert plain” with “Where there’s no sorrow or pain” and finally “it’s all I can do” with “it’s all i can do”.These are some replacement of the lyrics happened during the halftime show of the super bowl XXXVI.