Super Bowl Halftime Show 1993

Halftime show of the Super Bowl XXVII took place at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California. The show was headlined by Micheal Jackson and he made the NFL’s trend of bringing the pop culture and singers of top acts to attract the more viewers.

Halftime Show Performance:

When the NFL team approached Micheal Jackson and his manager Sandy Gallin. They didn’t accept to perform and they refused for nearly three times. Later Jackson’s management agreed to perform during the halftime show of super bowl XXVII.

Micheal Jackson started the show by performing the medley. Firstly “Jam” was performed and then followed by “Billie Jean” and then the medley of “Black or White”.

Finally 3,500 children of local Los Angeles singing “We Are the World” joining the jackson with the song “Heal the World” was performed during the show.

This halftime show attracted more audience and it was major success. Eventhough NFL didn’t pay for the performer and then NFL and Frito-Lay donated $100,000 to the heal the world foundation.

Micheal Jackson sparked with his solo performance and made a new trend in the NFL. Enjoy his performance.