SquareSpace Commercials 2018

SquareSpace Logo
SquareSpace Logo

SquareSpace is a service based website builder, hosting service,blogging service and domain name register management system.Squarespace was launched on January 2004 and presently they have 691 employees and it was founded by Anthony Casalena.SquareSpace is headquartered in New York United States and the service is available only in bundled system.

SquareSpace other places where they have office are Portland,Oregon,Ireland and Dublin.SquareSpace in their Series B funding raised to $40 million from General Atlantic in April 2014.In 2015 SquareSpace ranked as number 7th best place to work in the New York City by Crain’s New York.

SquareSpace Commercials


‘Make It Happen’ Ft. Keanu Reeves – Squarespace Super Bowl 2018 Pre-Release

SquareSpace released their teasers already featuring the Keanu Reeves. Another teaser from them for about 30 seconds for the Super Bowl Sunday LII 2018. In this Commercial Keanu Reeves fearlessly standing on his motorcycle and...

‘NOW’ Featuring Keanu Reeves – Squarespace Super Bowl 2018 Teaser

Squarespace released some of the teasers for the Big Game LII Day spot 2018. This teaser starred buy Keanu Reeves and titled as "Now". The teaser is around 15 seconds. In the teaser Keanu Reeves...

‘Make a Website? Why Keanu Reeves Did.’ – Squarespace Super Bowl 2018 Teaser

Squarespace released their Super Bowl LII 2018 teaser for 30 seconds. They released few of the teasers for the Big Game day spot and featured by Keanu Reeves. The Commercial starts where you can see...

The Keanu Reeves Squarespace Super Bowl Spot 2018

This is the fifth time for the Squarespace, the website building software service based company to air their commercial in the Big Game spot on the February 4,2018.The Super Bowl commercial of the Squarespace...

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