Super Bowl Sprite Commercials

Sprite Logo
Sprite Logo
The giant company Coca-Cola created sprite which is lemon-lime based drink. It was introduced in 1961 but developed on West Germany in 1959. Later in 1980s it attracted among many teenagersand came up with the slogan “I Like the Sprite In You” and later many slogans were used like “Great Lymon Taste”, “Obey Your Thirst”, “Sun Fizz”. Some Campaigns were made like “Grant Hill Drinks Sprite”.

Sprite was introduced with many variations like Sprite Zero, Sprite Remix, Sprite Ice, Sprite Duo, Sprite on Fire, Sprite Super Lemon, Sprite Recharge, Sprite Cranberry, Sprite Cucumber and few more.

Super Bowl Commercials of sprite aired in the Big Game Day of 2017 Super Bowl.

Sprite Commercials

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