Sprint Super Bowl 2018 TV Commercial Teasers & Pre-Release

American Telecommunication Company Sprint released their few series of teaser for the Super Bowl LII Sunday 2018.The teasers of Sprint featured by Evelyn learning new things.Lets check out the Sprint Super Bowl Commercial and their teasers.

Sprint Super Bowl 2018 Teaser, ‘Evelyn Is Learning Spanish.’

In this teaser you can see Sprint’s android ,Evelyn is learning new technologies and skills.Evelyn is learning Spanish in this teaser and improving her skills and the teaser ends with “Evelyn is learning” and Stay tuned on Big Game Day for the Sprint Commercial.

Sprint Super Bowl 2018 Teaser, ‘Evelyn Is Learning How to Play Guitar.’

This teaser is also similar like before and here in this Evelyn is learning to play Guitar.Evelyn is watching the videos in the phone and acquiring the new skills like playing Guitar.Lets wait till Super Bowl Sunday LII and watch what else Evelyn is going to learn.

Sprint Super Bowl 2018 Teaser TV Commercial, ‘Evelyn Is Learning How to Take Brunch Pics’

This time Evelyn becoming better and better.Because she is learning on how to take perfect Brunch Pics.She clicks the picture of the Croissant and learning the new skills.Catch up what all Sprint’s Evelyn learns during the Super Bowl LII 2018 Sunday Big Game Day Spot.

Sprint Super Bowl 2018 Teaser, ‘Evelyn Is Learning About Football.’

Sprint’s Evelyn keeps on learning new skills and trying them out.In this teaser of Sprint Super Bowl LII,Evelyn is watching the football game through the phone and learning about the rules of Football game.Lets see what all the skills Evelyn is learning on Feb 4,2018.

Sprint Super Bowl 2018 Pre-Release, ‘Do the Math and Switch to Sprint.’

Sprint released this 60 seconds Commercial for the Super Bowl LII Sunday 2018.The Sprint’s Commercial is set to air during the 1st Quarter of the Big Game Day Spot on Feb 4,2018.

The series of teasers released by Sprint reveal about “Evelyn new learning Skills”.In this Commercial of Sprint starred by actor Paul Marcarelli.Paul as a Scientist starts with “Evelyn the robot is making progress in artificial intelligence and she is learning at an exponential rate and mastered in chess” and he was documenting these things.The Evelyn playing the chess scientist receives the Verizon bill notification through phone which is near the robot.

Evelyn asks to doctor “Why you are paying the unlimited network plan and why you would switch on your lines to Sprint”.And also she gives the reason that “I analyzed the data Sprint’s network reliability is less than1 percent compared to Verizon’s despite the latter costing twice as much”.And Doctor replays “I never thought of that”.

All of the robots in the lab started to laugh at him and finally Paul switch to Sprint by going to the Sprint’s Store there ends the Sprint’s Super Bowl Commercial 2018 which is set to air during the Super Sunday.