‘A Special Message’ – This Is Us Super Bowl 2018 Promo Pre-Release

NBC’s “This is Us” and “Crock-Pot” released a new teaser titled as “A Special Message” for the Super Bowl Sunday LII 2018. NBC already released few of their teaser and now this teaser for about 55 seconds for the Big Game day.

In the Commercial actor Milo Ventimiglia conveying a special message to everyone of us about the unity. The Commercial starts with Milo in the set of the show saying that, “The Big Game is fast approaching and this day brings the opportunity to gather friends and family, but in 2018 gathering friends and family is not that easy that was used to be”. He drinks the juice and starts saying that the country is divided and finding the common ground is difficult.

And he suggests that”This year we all must take deep breathe, find the ability to forgive and remind ourselves and there is no difference and we can overcome in”. There he finishes the special message and the Commercial ends up with the text “Crock-Pot, The Original Slow Cooker” with the hashtag “#CrockPotIsInnocent”. Lets catch up the Commercial on the Super Bowl Sunday LII Feb 4,2018.