Super Bowl SCHICK Commercials


Guys who all are waiting for this sponsors ad. Yes may be everyone who needs a clean shave with this brand called Schick. Schick belongs to personal care product introduced in 1926 owned by Edgewell Personal Care and marketed over 20 different countries. Firstly they came up with single blade razor system, later on they marketed electric shavers. Schick became the most selling brand of razor system in Japan rather than the Gillette. So Schick also introduced shaving gels in their row of products.

In 2010 they introduced Schich Hydro and hydro series of razor system with many number of blades was also introduced later. Quattro Titanium was introduced and they included razors for women also. Schick Super Bowl Commercials displayed their advertisement in the Super Bowl of the year 2016 lastly.

SCHICK Commercials

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