‘Ref to the Rescue’ – 2018 Hyundai Kona Pre-Release

Hyundai introduces their Hyundai Kona SUV by releasing the Commercial. The Commercial is about 60 seconds for the Super Bowl Sunday LII 2018.

The Commercial starts with the group of parents waiting for the Sunday soccer game with their children but it was the day of the Super Bowl LII. The referee of the game arrives in the Hyundai Kona and rushes up for the game.

The Kid’s Referee keeps on calling red flags unnecessarily and make the kids out of the game. Finally the parents realize its all because of the Super Bowl Sunday and the referee wishes “Happy Super Bowl Everybody”. Everyone rushes to their home including referee. The Commercial ends their by introducing the first ever Hyundai Kona with Blue Link. Lets Catch up the Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial 2018 on Feb 4,2018.