Pringles Commercials 2018

Pringles Logo
Pringles Logo

Pringles is a sick chips which is made up of potato was introduced during 1967 in America.Pringles is owned by Kellogg’s and sold in 14o countries and more.Pringles was earlier owned and developed by Procter & Gamble(P&G).Kellogg’s Company officially acquired Pringles on May 31,2012 for about $2.695 billion.

Pringles comes in different flavors like Curry,Prawn,Cocktail,Wasabi,Zesty Lime and chilly .Pringles also have limited edition flavors like in 2012 they made Peppermint white chocolate,Cinnamon Sugar and Pumpkin Pie Spice flavors.Lucasfilm and Pringles made campaigns as video studio tonal and seven of them received $75,000 prize and shared among them.

Pringles Commercials


2018 Pringles WOW – SuperBowl Bill Hader Commercial

Pringles is making their first time entry into the Super Bowl with their commercial for the Big Game Day on Feb 4,2018.Pringles released their commercial which is going to air during the Second quarter...
Pringles ADs

Pringles air its first super bowl ads next year 2018

If you are a food lover or a sports fan you will love to hear this news. Yup your favorite snacks is coming to the Super Bowl field. This time Pringles Kellogg owned snack...

2018 Super Bowl Commercials