Pringles air its first super bowl ads next year 2018

If you are a food lover or a sports fan you will love to hear this news. Yup your favorite snacks is coming to the Super Bowl field. This time Pringles Kellogg owned snack brand going to air their commercial on Feb 4, Super Bowl LII, 2018.

As the survey says that Pringles have been consumed as 11. 2 million pounds chips during the game day and this year they are going to introduce “Flavor Stacking”. So you can combine the new Pringles with other combinations like Cheddar Cheese or Sour Cream.

Pringles ADs
Pringles ADs

Yuvraj Arora, Senior Vice President of marketing for Kellogg’s Snacks division said, “that this time Pringles is coming up with the advertisement on the big game day to show the people a fun and new way to enjoy their favorite Pringles , whether their are 4 people or 30 people at your home, this new Pringles brings new way to snack on the big game day of the year”.

So we have to wait for our new favorite Pringles and also our favorite Super Bowl 2018. Keep updated and stay tuned.