PERSIL Commercials 2018


Persil was introduced in 1907 as Laundry detergent product, licensed by Unilever. Ireland and United Kingdoms premium brand is said to be Unilever. Persil is sold in the form of powder, liquids, Capsules, gels and also in tablet forms. The old owner of Persil was Henkel and they sold it to Unilever under the name called “Le Chat”. Unilever marketed persil not only in Ireland and United kingdom but also in Latin America, China, Australia, France and New zealand.

In 2013 Peril small and some variants where launched and Campaign was ruined at that time with its tagline saying “For Whatever Life Throws. “Super bowl Commercials of Persil has been Participating for last two years. The Persil advertisement was Successful in the Big Game Day. So be ready for Stainless Super Bowl commercial this time.

PERSIL Commercials


Persil ProClean Super Bowl 2018 Big Game Teasers

Persil ProClean released their few of the series of teasers featuring Persil ProClean Spokesperson Peter Hermann. This is the third time for the Persil ProClean in the Super Bowl Advertising. Last year Persil ProClean...

2017 Persil ProClean Super Bowl “Science of Clean” Commercials

Persil Proclean a powerful laundry detergent aired their commercial during Super Bowl 2017. The best award winning detergent featured the ad with “The Science Guy” Bill Nye showing the new formula with 10 dimensions...

2018 Super Bowl Commercials