Persil ProClean Super Bowl 2018 Big Game Teasers

Persil ProClean released their few of the series of teasers featuring Persil ProClean Spokesperson Peter Hermann. This is the third time for the Persil ProClean in the Super Bowl Advertising. Last year Persil ProClean was official advertiser of Super Bowl 2017 and they released the Commercial called “The Professional” and “Science Guy”. So lets check out their teasers for the Super Bowl Commercial 2018.

Persil ProClean Super Bowl 2018 Big Game Teaser, ‘The Clean Finish for Wine Stains’

This teaser of Persil ProClean is about 5 seconds and featured by Persil’s Spokesperson Peter. In the Commercial with the fire and wine glass background and he is leaning in the washing machine with the Persil ProClean in his hand. He describes that Wine stains and Persil ProClean makes the perfect pairing. Lets wait for the entire Persil ProClean for the Super Bowl Sunday LII.

Persil ProClean Super Bowl 2018 Teaser, ‘Snack Stains Are Nacho Problem’

Another teaser from the Persil ProClean with the Spokesman of Persil. In this teaser with the background as nachos are drizzled with the cheese and in front Peter leaning against White Washing Machine and holding Persil ProClean in his hand.

Peter says with the expert Persil ProClean “Nacho Cheese Stains are Nacho Problem”. Catch out the entire Persil ProClean Commercial during the Super Bowl Sunday.

Persil ProClean Super Bowl Commercial 2018, ‘Don’t Become Stain-Famous

Persil ProClean’s another 5 seconds teaser for the Big Game Spot.Here in this teaser Peter with the cat playing piano background asking us that, “Can a clothing stain go as viral on internet as a video of a cat playing a piano?”. Catch up the laundry detergent Persil ProClean Super Bowl Commercial on Feb 4,2018.