Super Bowl NISSAN Commercials


Nisan is a Japanese multinational automobile industry was founded in 1933, which was headquartered in Nishi-ku Yokohama, Japan. The name Nissan was derived from the word Nihon Sangyo which was used under the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Later on 1944 the name was changed as Nissan Heavy Industries, Ltd. During the Korean war in 1953 Nissan faced some financial difficulties and the several union leaders were arrested by the Japanese Government and the United States occupation forces. Nissan merged with Prince Motor company in the year 1966 and introduced some Nissan red stage.

In 2000s many foreign expansions were made like establishing their plants in Brazil, Taiwan, New zealand, Australia, United States. Later in 2016 sales percentage raised to 37% and in 2017 Nissan was known for major auto maker rental sales. Nissan also had relationship with Ford, Volkswagen, LDV group and Alfa Romeo. Super Bowl Commercials Of Nissan Participated in the Big Game Day of 2015.

NISSAN Commercials

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