How much does it cost to run an ad during the Super Bowl 2018?

Super bowl the biggest game of the year and it is one of the mega event for the advertisers. Super Bowl is becoming a ultimate place for the advertisers to come up with their new concept and ideas to attract everyone. Because it is the most watched game of all time and the viewers watching the super bowl increasing tremendously day by day.

Many major brands are regularly advertising their products in the Super Bowl from national and international level. The ad agencies and brands create their advertisement with high entertainment quality to attract large viewership.

Average cost of 30 second commercials earlier :

Super Bowl ads were sold for nearly $42, 000 in the year 1967 when super bowl started. Later it keep on increasing because of the demands among the advertisers and viewers. It increased like $54, 000 during 1968 super bowl immediately. It was increasing gradually with average of $10, 000 every year till 1979 the 30 second commercial ad spot was sold for $1,85,000.

Later in 1980 -1994 the cost doubled when compared earlier and during 1994 super bowl the 30 second ad slot was sold for the value of $900, 000. Then in the year 1995 the cost was 1. 15Million for the 30 second commercial ad spot and the demand was really high and competition between the advertisers and agency was tremendous.

During the year 2000 it crossed a million and became $2. 1M was the 30 second ad spot. And later on 2010 Super Bowl XLIV the cost was $3M and heavy competition happened for buying the ad spot and viewers watching the super bowl was also increased. And the last year the cost of the 30 second commercial was sold for $5. 02 million and it was watched by 111. 3 million viewers.

Cost of 30 seconds ad in Super Bowl LII 2018:

From the past history we all know how super bowl ad cost skyrocketed over years and this year Super Bowl 2018 expectations are really high. Many major brands and ad agencies are waiting to capture their place to display their commercial in the Super Bowl 2018. But the cost will be surely high when compared to the last year Super Bowl LI 2017.

But whatever may be the cost whether it is increased than $5. 02 million or decreased all the major advertisers going to rock the field with their super creative commercials and entertain us. So lets see which commercial going to impress and entertain us and win our hearts.. 🙂