Morgan Freeman vs. Peter Dinklage / Mountain Dew v/s Doritos Teaser

This commercial is really exciting one because the Mountain Dew and Doritos teamed together for the Big game day commercial.And guess who is starring in this commercial???…….Yesss its Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman.They have released the 15 second teaser for the commercial which is going to be aired in the Super Bowl Field on Feb 4,2018.

The 15 second teaser is all about the Face-off of the Doritos Blaze and the Mountain Dew Ice.So lets wait and watch the battle between the Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman.

Another update of the Mountain Dew v/s Doritos is that they released their second teaser which is really funny and exciting too.Because in this second teaser you can see Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott.Yup we didn’t expect this right????….

In the second teaser Busta Rhymes is giving practice to Dinklage for the tongue twister and Missy Elliott is giving practice to Morgan Freeman for the Tongue twister.I guess it seems to be that the epic battle is going to be with the tongue twister….Lets wait and watch what is going to happen and have to wait till Super Bowl LII,Feb 4,2018.Now enjoy the second teaser right below.