Monster Super Bowl 2018 Teasers

Monster already released their few series of teaser featuring the Youtube Star Rice Gum. Along with Rice Gum there were also other stars in each of their teasers like Iggy Azalea,Joey Fatone,Poo Bear in one of their teaser. In another one named as “Sunday train” starred by Yo Gotti. “Breakdance” teaser starred by DJ.Irie, Charlamagne the god.The “Speed” teaser featured by RiceGum with Lamborghini. Now they also released few of the Teasers for the Super Bowl Sunday LII 2018.

Monster Super Bowl 2018 Teaser, ‘Get Ready’ Featuring RiceGum, The Tainerz

In this teaser of Monster products of Super Bowl LII 2018 titled as “Get Ready”. It is featured by Youtube star Rice Gum and the Tainerz.

The Commercial starts with RiceGum puts his headphones and suddenly it is show that he is sitting in the car and gazing out of the window. And the Tainerzs making some dance moves. There ends the teaser and lets watch the commercial during the Big game day Super Bowl Sunday LII.

Monster Super Bowl 2018 Teaser, ‘Hard Rock’

This teaser starred by RiceGum as simile like before teasers of Monster for the Super Bowl LII 2018. In the teaser the HardRock cafe is shown and suddenly the scene shifts to RiceGum putting his headphones of Monster. Thats the end of the Monster Super Bowl teaser. Catch up the entire Monster commercial during the 4th quarter of the Super Sunday.

Monster Super Bowl 2018 Teaser, ‘In the Zone’ Featuring RiceGum

Monster products releasing their teasers for the Super Bowl LII 2018. In this teaser it is starred by RiceGum. As like before teaser the Youtube star puts his monster headphones in the Zone. Then with their tagline “You deserve better” the teaser ends.

Monster Super Bowl 2018 Teaser, ‘Fred’ Featuring RiceGum

Monsters another teaser from their list and it is featured by RiceGum and Fred. As like before teasers RiceGum puts his headphones and shifted to the car with the headphones and Fred is walking along the street with the headphones in. Lets wait and watch the complete Monster Super Bowl Commercial LII 2018 during the big game day spot 4th Quarter of the Super Sunday.