M&M’S Super Bowl – Featuring Danny DeVito Commercial 2018 – “Human”

M&M already released few teasers and one was Critics Review of M&M Super bowl teaser and another one was M&M teaser 2018 featuring Danny Devito taking bath in the chocolate. And now here comes the M&M’s Super Bowl Commercial 2018 titled as “Human”. The commercial is 30 seconds and it is funny too.

In the commercial you can see two M&M’s one in red color and another one in Brown color talking each other that three people tired to eat and fed up with that and Red M&M wishes to be as human once he finds out a Lucky Penny.

There comes a super Funny twist.. Yes Red M&M turns into Danny Devito.He runs here and there around the street and asks the human”Do you want to eat me?”. Even Red Danny Devito M&M asks Todrick Hall and everyone says “No”. And Devito drops the Lucky Penne the truck hits him.

And still he admires himself by looking at the window saying”I Look Good”. But Brown M&mM remains that “You are still short and Bald”. The commercial ends there with the message “Always Funny”. Wait and watch the full M&M’s Super Bowl Commercial 2018 on the Big Game day spot on Feb 4,2018 Sunday and it is going to air during the First Quarter of the Super Bowl.

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