M&M’s 2018 Commercial Super Bowl Teaser

A 30 second teaser called “Critics Review” of M&M’s Big game day Commercial LII was released.In the commercial you can see four TV critics sitting in the line and explaining about the M&M’S Super Bowl teaser.

The SAM RUBIN of KTLA 5,Los Angeles one of the TV critic firstly reports about the footage as “outrageous, singular,catharatic and breathtaking”. And he also explains,”By the time we know whats happening we will be in love, mesmerized,heartbroken and complete”.

The next critic near him,SHAWN EDWARDS of Fox tv,Kansas City calms down SAM RUBIN saying”It’s just an M&M’s Commercial”.And Rubin takes a handful of M&M’S candy and puts into his mouth and there ends the teaser with the line M&M Super Bowl LII Commercial coming soon on February 4,2018.

New Update : M&M’s Super Bowl new teaser with Danny Devito takes a Chocolate Bath

The new update for the M&M’s,Legendary holloywood actor Danny Devito taking bath in a M&M.He is wearing Red suit while taking a chocolate bath.In the commercial you can see how Danny Devito enjoys the delicious chocolate and the chocolate bath saying,”Mhmmmm Super Bowl”.

This new teaser is really funny and make us more exciting and our urge to watch the full Danny Devito M&M Super Bowl 2018 commercial literally increased.So we have to wait and watch.