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M&M Logo

M&M owned by Mars Company which was introduced on February 1941.M&M’s chocolates looks like a colorful button shaped “m” letter printed chocolates.They comes in different fillings like milk chocolate,Peanut and so many other varieties.Their mostly used slogan is”Melts in your mouth, not in your hand”.

In 2017 M&M introduced six varieties like milk, strawberry, crispy,hazelnut,mint and almond.Later they released Caramel M&M’s were released in United States.Other candy brands of Mars include Minstrels,Revels,Skittles and Treets.

M&M Commercials


‘M&M’s Again’ Featuring Danny DeVito – M&M’s Super Bowl 2018 Teaser

M&M's Super Bowl LII 2018 Commercial featured by "Danny Devito" as a Red M&M.We all know this because of the M&M's earlier released teasers and now they are with the new teaser titled as...

M&M’S Super Bowl – Featuring Danny DeVito Commercial 2018 – “Human”

M&M already released few teasers and one was Critics Review of M&M Super bowl teaser and another one was M&M teaser 2018 featuring Danny Devito taking bath in the chocolate. And now here comes...

M&M’s 2018 Commercial Super Bowl Teaser

A 30 second teaser called "Critics Review" of M&M's Big game day Commercial LII was released.In the commercial you can see four TV critics sitting in the line and explaining about the M&M'S Super...
M&Ms Returns To 2018 Super Bowl

M&M’s Returns To 2018 Super Bowl After 3 Year Break

The Mars Candy Company returning with their commercial for the Super Bowl 2018. M&M's last aired their commercial during the Super Bowl 2014. M&M's was absent for past three years and back with the 30...

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