‘Mikaela Shiffrin’ – NBC Olympics Super Bowl 2018 Pre-Release

Alpine Ski Racer of United States Ski Team Mikaela Shiffrin starred in the NBC Olympics Super Bowl LII 2018 big game day Commercial. NBC Olympics released their 60 seconds commercial for the Super Sunday LII.

The Commercial starts with the two skiers making their way to the mountain. In between two of them a fast Super Olympic Skier Mikaela Shiffrin wearing helmet and colored clothes pass them away in a second and at her top of the helmet you can see the words written as: “A.B.F.T.T.B” It means “Always be Faster Than The Boys”.

This wordings was written and autographed by Olympian Heidi Voelker earlier. After that Mikaela Shiffrin started working on the speed on how to be faster the boys in all the aspects like bikes, Classroom and Gymming. All these are recalled by her. Once she reaches down of the snowy mountain a girl smiles at her and asks for the autograph. Mikaela Shiffrin signs the same “A.B.F.T.T.B” in the helmet. There ends the commercial of the NBC Olympics for the Super Sunday 2018. Stay tuned till Feb 4,2018 for the Super Bowl 2018 commercials.