Michelob Ultra Super Bowl 2018 Pre-Release, ‘Perfect Fit’ Feat. Chris Pratt

Michelob Ultra released their 30 second teaser for the Super Bowl LII 2018. The commercial starred by Chris Pratt where he is gonna make his debut in the Super Bowl Commercials. The Michelob ultra Big Game day teaser titled as “Perfect Fit”.

The commercial starts by,Chris Pratt was talking in the phone and he got the part in the Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl LII Commercial. There comes the main part that is getting “Fit”and training. He was jogging and saying to the Corp that he is training himself for the big role its Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial.

Then he hits the gym and works to get his arm strong and talking in front of the mirror and training himself for the perfect role. And he shops the cases of Michelob ultra to be more stronger. Again and again he works to become a perfect fit man to make him through the Michelob Ultra’s Spokesperson.

But at the end it turns out that he is one among who should wait for the selection process. The commercial ends up with the text: “Live Fit. Live Fun. Live Ultra”. So enjoy the commercial on the Super Sunday 2018 during the Big game day Feb 4,2018.

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