‘Make It Happen’ Ft. Keanu Reeves – Squarespace Super Bowl 2018 Pre-Release

SquareSpace released their teasers already featuring the Keanu Reeves. Another teaser from them for about 30 seconds for the Super Bowl Sunday LII 2018.

In this Commercial Keanu Reeves fearlessly standing on his motorcycle and driving through the desert and singing, “You are important person and unique. There are never been anyone like you and never will be”. Also states that “The power to do anything is within you and discover real yourself”. Thus the song “Adventures in Success Will Powers” is featured in this Commercial.

The Commercial ends with “See What Keanu Reeves made at SquareSpace.com”. Also with the message “Make it Happen”. Lets check out the SquareSpace Super Bowl Commercial 2018 on the Big Game Day Feb 4 Sunday.