Super Bowl LIFEWTR Commercials

LIFEWTR belongs to Pepsico product which is a premium priced water that is bottled. LIFEWTR is a purified water with ph balance. LIFEWTR comes with zero calories and no added sugar preservatives. Even though pepsico have many bottled range of waters they introduced LIFEWTR into their premium range of water with higher price points. The label designing of LIFEWTR were made by the artists. Jakeman of pepsico said that the LIFEWTR will achieve a billion in annual sales in future.

LIFEWTR was introduced during February 2017 to the world and Super Bowl Commercial of LIFEWTR aired during the Big Game Day of 2017.

LIFEWTR Commercials


2017 LIFEWTR Super Bowl “Inspiration Drops” Commercials

Pepsico came up with their LIFEWTR product to advertise during the Super Bowl LI on 207. This beverage company promoted LIFEWTR on the Super Bowl LI Commercial with the title as "Inspiration Drops" and...

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