Julian Carr Global Warming Awareness Super Bowl AD 2018

Whether the Game lover or a commercial lover everyone of us will be watching the Super Bowl 2018. And we are waiting for the Super Bowl teasers and commercials to be released. And here is the Julian Carr Super Bowl Commercial 2018.

This Commercial is dedicated to the awareness about the Global Warming with the ad campaign as #AirMyGlobalWarmingAd. It is the 30 seconds commercial for the awareness about the climate change data to the biggest audience in the United States.

Julian Carr ski hiking to the peak of Mount Superior.

The commercials reveals that the United states is the country declined to participate in the Paris Climate Agreement. And this commercial creates the awareness that nearly 110 million tons of pollution are dumbed into the atmosphere for every 24 hours.

So Julian Carr Campaign Leader, Professional Skier says”Help us create an ad and demand United States to join Paris agreement”. Thus the goal is to raise $5. 5 million to buy an ad spot during the Super Bowl 2018. The skier also timelined the project and checkout the commercial.