Super Bowl JUBLIA Commercials


Jubila is a prescribed medicine, and the manufacturer of Jubila is Valiant Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Jubila is used to treat Toenail fungal infections. Azalea Antifungals is the drug group that is related to Jubila. When Jubila is given for the patients it works to stop the growth of the fungus. Some common side effects of the Jubila includes redness on the applied area, pain or irritation in the particular are of application only. The trade name of Jubila is Efinaconazole and it was approved for usage in Canada and United States. Based on the Survey it reveals that the usage of this make people to get rid of the infection with clinical trials of 17. 8% and 15. 2%.

The FDA approved the Jubila for the usage of Onychomycosis of toenails in the year of 2014. Jubila came up with their Super Bowl Commercials in the Big Game Day of 2016.

JUBLIA Commercials

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