James Cromwell Stars in PETA’s 2018 Super Bowl Ad: Redemption

Redemption which is the commercial of “PETA” for the big game day.So if you are a meat lover or partying with the chicken wings during the Super Bowl day then you are going to think about whether to have it or not.

“PETA” released their controversial commercial which is starred by Actor James Cromwell supporter of PETA.In the commercial you can see a guy who works in the meat industry as a executive visits the church.

In the church James Cromwell as a priest and the man asks for the confession.The man who is an executive tells that he “lied to the world like Free Range,Humanely Slaughtered”But Cromwell responds back that,”There’s no forgiving you,and for the love of god, we have to draw the line”. The commercial ends with the text:”GO VEGAN”. Watch the commercial of PETA of the Super Bowl Ad 2018.