Jack in the Box Super Bowl 2018 Teaser, ‘JACKvsMARTHA’ Feat. Martha Stewart

Jack in the Box first released this teaser for the Big Game Day Spot LII.The teaser starred by Tv personality Martha Stewart and Jack. This teaser is around 15 second and seems to be funny.

The teaser starts with the Jack Box scribbling with the marker in the door.And when the security alert shouts”Sir what are you doing?? Don’t Move”. Jack moves and you can see he was scribbling in the Martha’s Poster which in the studio set. So it seems that the battle between Jack and Martha is confirmed and it has began.Lets wait and watch the battle on the Super Bowl Big game day LII on Feb 4,2018 Sunday. This Jack in Box Super Bowl Commercial 2018 seems interesting let’s see.Stay tuned.