‘Iceberg’ – Wendy’s Super Bowl 2018 Pre-Release

Wendy’s last time came up with their “Cold Storage” Commercial for the Super Bowl LI. This time Wendy’s released their 30 second teaser for the Super Sunday LII Big Game Day and titled as “Iceberg”.

In the ad of Wendy’s it starts with their logo and says, “Here’s a not-so-hidden gem on McDonalds.com”. McDonald reveals that their beef is “Flash Frozen to seal in Fresh Flavor”.

And explains that, The Iceberg that sank the Titanic was frozen,too. Thus they clearly describe that, “We use fresh and never frozen Beef on Every Hamburger”. Little suggestion from Wendy’s is that “Skip the Hamburgers at the Frozen Arches”.

So head to Wendy’s and try out the Dave’s Double and taste the difference. Wait till Super Bowl Sunday LII, Feb 4,2018 for the complete Wendy’s Commercial which is set air during 1st Quarter of the Super Sunday 2018.