‘Guac’ Ft. Chris Elliott – Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl 2018 Pre-Release

Avocados from Mexico previously released a teaser featuring Chris Elliott for the Super Bowl Sunday LII 2018. Now they released another teaser named as “Guac” which is a 30 seconds teaser for the Big Game day Spot.

In this Commercial a group of people gathered in an echo bubble surrounded by natural greeneries and beside they show actor Chris Elliott sitting in the autograph booth. A leader was talking to the whole group of people saying that “We did it and made to check out bad things and good ones in and they also have lots and lots of Avocados From Mexico but they cannot find chips”.

A guy from the group found out that the chips are outside which were accidentally left outside the bubble. All the members in the group were shouting and screaming because they thought that Avocados will be wasted without chips.

But the group leader was shouting, “Wait the avocados tastes great on everything like toasts, Salads other foods” and she tastes and show them all. There ends the Commercial of Avocados From Mexico with the tagline “Always in Season” and with the hashtag “#GuacWorld”. Lets wait till Feb 4,2018 Super Bowl Sunday LII for the entire commercial to air during the Big Game Day Spot.