Super Bowl GEICO Commercials


GEICO is a auto insurance company founded in the year 1936 and was founded by Leo Goodwin Sr and Lillian Goodwin, Headquartered in Maryland, United States. State Farm holds the first place in the auto insurance whereas GEICO holds the second place in the United States for the Auto insurer. Earlier in 1970’s GEICO faced loss of $126.5 million and at that time 45 insurance companies took over quarter of the policies and made the company to regain to the stable state. GEICO handle their consumers through Internet and Telephones. GEICO is well known because of their powerful advertising Campaigns.

GEICO even spent huge amount of money say $1.1 billion to make their advertising campaign bigger and even bigger. GEICO has been in the sponsorship program with motorsports since 2008 and #13 GEICO chevrolet is famous in the 2017 season. Super bowl commercials of GEICO participated in the Big Game Day of 2015.

GEICO Commercials

2018 Super Bowl Commercials