Super Bowl FITBIT Commercials


As the name indicates it is related to Fitness. Fitbit is based on America and its headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. Fitbit was founded by two of them James Park and Eric Friedman. Fitbit is famous for the products such as activity trackers, Wireless enabled wearable technology devices related to heart rate measuring, steps climbed and so on. Fitbit has their app and users can download their app and join their community page and they also compete against other users.

As of the survey of 2015 shows the app promotes ones health and makes lifestyle changes easier. The Fitbit band devices are reasonably accurate. In 2017, Fitbit purchased vector smartwatch for $15 million. Fitbit appeared in the Super Bowl Commercials lastly in the Big Game Day of 2016.

FITBIT Commercials

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