“Feel Something Again” – 2018 KIA Stinger Big Game Teaser

Kia Motors released their 15 second teaser for the Super Bowl LII Commercial.The commercial was released with the title”Feel Something Again”. The commercial starred by brazilian racing icon Emerson Fittipaldi and another driver, the driver just shows his nail with the nail polish starting the Kia.

In the commercial two kids stingers were shown in the racetrack.Near one kia stinger Fittipaldi is standing and in another red color stinger the mystery celebrity starts the car and Fittipaldi gives the signal by shaking his head.And the teaser ends with the text:”Feel Something Again”.

Kia planned to release 60 second commercial during the third quarter of the Super Sunday LII on Feb 4,2018.So we have to wait and watch the full Kia Stinger commercial 2018.And this is the ninth time for the Kia motors to appear and advertise in the Super Bowl big game day.