“Dundee: Official Trailer” – Tourism Australia Super Bowl 2018 Teaser – 1

Tourism Australia released their teaser for the Super Bowl LII 2018.The teaser starred by Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth and it is around 45 second teaser which is titled as Dundee.

The Commercial starts with the “RIMFIRE Films” and you can see Danny McBride named as Brian Dundee returns to his home by bus with the neck pillow.And Chris Hemsworth with the board written as Dundee waiting for his arrival.

Danny McBride (Brian Dundee) asks,”Yo,Where the Kangaroos at?” and Chris Hemsworth asks whether he is the person and checks twice and thrice.There ends the teaser of Tourism Australia Big Game Day LII Teaser with the text “Dundee ,The son of a Legend Returns Home”.Wait and watch for more Super Bowl LII 2018 Commercial updates.