Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice Super Bowl 2018 Commercial ‘Battle’

Doritos Blaze vs Mountain Dew Ice released couple of teasers for Super Bowl LII 2018. Earlier they released battle between two of them Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman and then they released the teaser about the practising session of both for the Tongue Twister. Now here comes the original battle between the Doritos Blaze of Peter Dinklage and Mountain Dew of Morgan Freeman of Big Game Day Commercial LII 2018.

The Commercial starts with the Peter Dinklage eating Doritos Blaze where he tries out the Fiery Flavor.Instantly Dinklage starts to rap like a rapper and sings in the Busta Rhymes voice and performs “Look at Me Now” and at the end of the song he spits the fire from his mouth. Yup its hashtag #SPITFIRE for Doritos Blaze Super Bowl LII.

On the other hand next comes up Morgan Freeman. He brings the bottle of Mountain Dew Ice and opens the bottle and takes a sip and starts singing in Missy Elliott’s Voice and sings “Get Ur Freak On”, Where all the things turns into ice. And it ends up with the hashtag #ICECOLD. At the end of the commercial you can see Fire and ice standing opposite to each other. We have to wait till Feb 4 2018 sunday to see what happens next. So lets wait for the complete Super Bowl LII 2018 Commercial.