‘You Deserve Better’ Featuring Iggy Azalea – Monster Super Bowl 2018 Teaser

Monster released their 5 seconds teaser for the Big Game Super Bowl LII,2018. The teaser starred by youtube star RiceGum, Musicians like Iggy Azalea, Joey Fatone,Poo Bear.

The Youtube star id sitting inside the back seat of the car and wearing a Monster Phones in the Commercial. As the car passes away he see outside and make eye contact with the musicians particularly with the Iggy Azalea who is with Pink hair and also wearing theMonster Headphones.

Near Iggy other musicians like Joey Fatone, Poo Bear also standing along with her with the headphones in their ears. Thus the commercial of Monster for Super Bowl ends with the text, “You Deserve Better”. So lets wait and the entire Monster Super Bowl Commercial 2018 during the Big Game Day LII on Feb 4,2018.