David Harbour Is Unimpressed – Tide Super Bowl 2018 Teaser Ad 3

Tide released a new teaser for the Super Bowl Commercial LII. Former Pittsburgh Steeler Terry Bradshaw sitting near David Harbour and hanging out is the scene. Terry Bradshaw enjoying his barbeque Sandwich and asking David Harbour about the stain remover of his choice.

And keep on questioning him about the special stain remover, Could it will be Jellied Queso?. And also says its a Tide Super Bowl commercial and demands tough stains. But David Harbour doesn’t answer and keep calm.

Thus Bradshaw tells that Barbeque Sauce is the stain of choice and Harbour replays back that “It’s still his thing”. Catch up the total Tide Super Bowl Commercial LII let’s wait till Feb 4,2018 Super Sunday and enjoy the Tide Commercial of Big Game day.