‘David Harbour Meets Terry Bradshaw’ – Tide Super Bowl 2018 Teaser

Tide already released their teaser featuring Terry Bradshaw for the Super Bowl LII,2018. Now they also released their 30 second teaser. The Commercial starred by David Harbour and Terry Bradshaw.

The Commercial of the Tide 2018 starts with the “Stranger Things” actor David Harbour sitting in the chair in a room. Terry enters the room and asks “Hey what’s going on?” and they are talking about the Previous Tide ad of the Super Bowl Commercial.

David Harbour was commenting about last time apparently the man dropped the ball to terry.Terry says, “Really”. Then David Harbour realizes that the man who is standing in front of him was the guy who dropped the ball. The Commercial ends up with the text, “A Cleaner Clean is Coming”. For the complete Commercial of the Tide 2018 let’s wait for the Big Game Day Spot, Super Bowl LII Sunday.