‘Calling Ashley’ – Amazon Echo Commercial Super Bowl 2018 Pre-Release

Amazon Echo released few series of Teaser revealing Alexa lost her voice, and then the voice replacement by celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B,Rebel Wilson, Anthony Hopkins were made. And now another teaser from Amazon featuring J.B.Smoove and Leslie Jones.

In the Commercial a teenage boy is sitting in front of a girls photo seems that he is having hard time and asking Alexa to call Ashley. As we know already that Alexa lost her voice and the replacements are made. Now here the replacement voice is Saturday Night Live Star Leslie Jones and J.B.Smoove.

Both of the celebrities are talking and shouting within themselves in an restaurant.And finally after shouting Smoove admits that she is Alexa. But at the end Original Alexa saying that,”Thanks guys I’ll take it from here”. Watch the entire Commercial of Amazon Echo during the Super Bowl Sunday LII Big game day spot on Feb 4,2018.