Bud Light Super Bowl 2018 Teaser, ‘The Cart Loadeth’

Anheuser Busch,the beer giant company already released their Budweiser Super Bowl commercial 2018 and now they came up with their Bud Light Super Sunday 2018 teaser.The teaser titled as “The Cart Loadeth”.

The commercial starts with two of the warriors in the medieval attire carrying the cases of Bud Light and placing them in the cart.And the conversion between the two warriors were shown like,”Do you think we’ll de done in time for spin class?”,and other warrior states,”Stop asking me that,I don’t Know” and as the conversation builds they stack up all the Bud light cases into the cart.

In the background the wind blows and at the end of the conversation one says that he thinks this loading duty is because of losing his sword and other warrior says may be.At the end they both together loaded 22 Bud Light cases of beer.And the teaser ends up where they both unload the cases.We have to wait and watch why they load and unload on the Super Bowl day Feb 4,2018.And the Bud light Super Bowl Commercial 2018 is going to be funny and exciting.

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