‘The Bud Knight’ – Bud Light Super Bowl 2018 Pre-Release

Bud Light released few of their teasers before for the Super Bowl LII Big game day spot. Another teaser from their list is out now and called “The Bud Knight”.

Bud Light’s “Dilly Dilly” king in the battle field was searching for the man and he has found out and that is none other than “Bud Knight”. Bud Knight is in the blue armored attire and riding his horse and was sitting in the horse at the top of the hill. Once everyone see Bud Knight, they feel they are saved.

The Blue Bud Knight arrives in the middle of the battle field and moves towards the store for a pack of Bud Light and says”I did it”. The people are asking blue knight why he is not fighting with them and Blue Bud knight replays back as that “My buddy is having a birthday and if you all survive then you are welcome to join the party”.

Then Blue Bud Knight decides to help them and he makes his sword and a forceful light from the sword makes the enemy to run away. Thus the commercial ends where the Bud light shows the frothy glass full of beer and its, “Famous among Friends”. Catch up the Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial LII on Feb 4,2018 Super Sunday.